Thursday, February 13, 2014

Posca On Canvas by Kiriakos Asimakopoulos

Kyriakos Asimakopoulos has strengths both compositional and conceptual. The composition is good, direct, and clear; it has confidence. It also has a political and social consciousness that is readily visible without being didactic. This is a difficult bet, but Kyriakos manages well.
Particularly strong is the economy of the means used; tricolor and very clear shapes.
The works have the visual power of a street poster, yielding a feel of freshness and directness. He uses art as a means of expression; this may also be in the form of collage, photography and/or installations.
It is the need of creating something entirely new that works for him as a medium of psychotherapy. He believes that art in our times is a panacea.
Facebook:Kiriakos Asimakopoulos